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    Very recently I have been seeing a few squirrel families around the churchyard, (I even saw a baby one!). I decided to put some nuts out for them and set the wildlife camera up to see what would happen. The next day I saw that the squirrels had eaten the nuts and that the camera had recorded them. Here are…

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    Baby birds

    Very recently I saw a blackbird nest in the ivy by the church. Then a few days later I saw 3 eggs in the nest. Last week I was hearing cheeping noises and decided to take a video of what was inside the nest… A blue tit family have made a nest in the wall of the church. You can…

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    On this week’s blog post I decided to do it on slow-worms as I have been seeing a few of them recently. At this time it is mating season for slow-worms. Did you know that slow-worms can bite? But they are not venomous and they will only hurt themselves trying to bite us. Normally slow-worms hibernate in groups of thirty.…

  • Badger
    Nature Notes,  Victor's Wonderful Wildlife


    There are trails in the churchyard that we think are from badgers, but just to make sure we put the wildlife camera out to try and get some videos of them going across the trails. After a while we tried to get some better footage. So I decided to see what badgers eat. I found out that they mainly eat…

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    Hawthorn blossom normally comes out at May that is why some people call it the May tree. The flowers are signs that summer is coming and they were used in May Day celebrations. Here is a stop motion animation of the blossom coming out… Victor’s Wonderful Wildlife: Part 8

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    Dawn Chorus

    On Sunday I got up very very very very very very very early to listen to the dawn chorus as it was International Dawn Chorus Day. It was very lovely seeing the sun rise and listening to the birds sing. Did you know that it sounds louder because the air is cool and still at dawn? This year was special…

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    At this time there are lots of butterflies flying around the churchyard. So I decided to put together this blog post based on butterflies. Here are some facts about the butterflies flying around at the moment. Holly Blue: This butterfly is the most common blue butterfly in woods and gardens. Brimstone: They hibernate amongst Ivy leaves over the winter and…

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    While the sun shines…

    The past few weeks have been full of glorious spring sunshine which has made this strange situation that we all find ourselves in so much more bearable. Making the most of having more time on our hands during this fine weather, our little garden is undergoing a bit of a makeover including the creation of vegetable beds; a job we…

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    Things that BUZZ!

    At this time of year there are lots of insects flying around, including bees. One thing that I noticed was that some of them looked different to others. Here are some of the ones I saw. My favourite ones were the White-tailed bumblebee and the Tawny mining bee. Victor’s Wonderful Wildlife: Part 4