We weren’t looking to buy a church or even a house. We spotted Christ Church for sale in a local estate agents window and drove around Welshpool looking for it. We could hardly believe our eyes when we eventually found it. We made an appointment to view inside and upon entering the building, completely fell in love with it and saw the potential it held. We spent several weeks contemplating the idea of buying and living in a church. We have had no experience of church conversions or self builds before. We felt we should grasp the opportunity to restore a fantastic building and create our own family home. We don’t have any regrets and have been exceptionally happy here and all the hard work proves very rewarding.

YES! Though the church maintains a steady temperature throughout the year so its not too bad. We reap the benefits during the summer months when the coolness of the church is a welcome relief from the sweltering heat outside. We have previously only heated The Hut and insulated it well. The House has underfloor heating powered by a log boiler system. We are making full use of the large thermal mass of the building as once it warms up it stays warm for a long time. We are considering some form of secondary glazing for the windows as they are a source of drafts.

We also wear a lot of layers!

Not at all. There is a very peaceful atmosphere here.

No, the Church of Wales are responsible for the maintenance of the graveyard. We have permission to park vehicles, store building materials outside and install services as required.

Yes the bell is still here.

No, absolutely not. They belong here as does the Organ, Font, Pulpit etc. We will not sell anything that belongs to Christ Church.

Never! We are well aware this is a life long project. Our target date for moving out of The Hut and into the House is two years, though we said that in 2003! The building demands we do things properly and that takes time. Urgent repairs to the building continually interrupt progress with the house build resulting in what looks like slow progress. We all enjoy our life here, however we do look forward to a proper bath and kitchen!