• Restoration

    Repointing again

    Last week we welcomed back steeplejacks Sam and James to continue the task of repointing the harder to reach areas of Christ Church. Repointing these exposed elements of the building has a huge impact on reducing the water ingress. A surprising amount of rainwater seeps down through the stones, getting in where the mortar is missing. The focus for this…

  • Restoration

    More re-pointing.

    Last week we welcomed back steeplejacks Sam, James and Mike to complete repairs on the more hard to reach areas of the church. The north-east finials were in dire need of re-pointing as water ingress was becoming more of an obvious problem. After a busy week, and with Karl working on one of the easier to reach finials, the north…

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    Tower repairs.

    One major aspect of the restoration of Christ Church is the repair of the Tower. It is the part of the building that causes the most worry, especially during a stromy night! At 110ft tall access is clearly an issue. In the past we have hired a cherry picker to get to where we can to check over the stonework…

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    We could not have been more blessed this week with perfect weather to strip a roof. The north aisle roof is now watertight after a great week’s work by Henry Powell Roofing Contractors of Oswestry. And while it is scaffolded there are lots of other repairs and maintanence jobs we can finally get done over the coming weeks, not least…

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    Up in the Air

    A few weeks ago we hired a ‘cherry picker’ to access the higher reaches of the building to do some re-pointing and to check over the guttering. We were able to get a lift that goes higher (up to 21 metres) than we have previously been able to which was great for reaching the nave roof guttering and for getting…

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      A Victorian glass filter on this view of the churchyard from one of the Apse windows. Cherishing these views as I hope not to be standing up here again for quite some time! Image of the Week #177

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      A glimpse of the town while cleaning the central stained glass window in the Apse. One of the perks of high level work is seeing the views that only past builders and craftsmen have seen (actually that is the only perk!). Image of the Week #175