Yesterday was one of those good days when big things happen and the house build seems to take a leap forward. The staircase, made by Craig, was installed. It was an incredibly complicated staircase to make due to the height and turns that it had to make. There was more head scratching yesterday getting it to fit in some tight spaces but it’s in and we are immensely pleased with it. The way it cantilevers off the girder is lovely and it utilises the space well. It’s a great experience going up to the top of the stone pillar as you go up the stairs, as you can get up close to the detail of the carved face and terracotta arch. We just keep stopping and sighing with satisfaction whenever we walk past it now! There is still a lot of work to do to complete them, such as putting in the oak treads and newel posts and of course, painting it, but a huge amount of the hard work in creating this defining feature is done! We are hugely grateful to Craig for making the staircase a reality and to Chris for his CAD drawings and for giving up his day yesterday.