Drainage works complete!

Hurrah….at last, the epic rainwater drainage works are virtually complete. After months of toil and for the first time in over 30 years all the rainwater is now being channeled away from the church. We have installed two large soakaways and have weaved our way through the graveyard with a web of pipework linking the gullies with the soakaways. We are experts now at stealth trench digging! Though clearly we weren’t all that inconspicuous with the huge digger seen in the photograph working on the system in the driveway.

The logistics involved in installing soakaways in a graveyard are immense but we worked with care and sensitivity and are very satisfied with the minimal impact this work has had. We were even photographed while we worked by a member of the public, obviously keen to show others how carefully we undertook the task! We are very used to working under the scrutiny of the public gaze, it goes with the territory. That was hard to come to terms with at first but I’m toughening up! We have a big job to do and we just have to get on with it as best as we can. Luckily 99% of people see and understand that.