Welshpool Series, Part 3: Broad Street & High Street

‘The Cross’ Welshpool

The old bakery on the corner of Broad Street has the most beautiful mirrored panels in the window. One represents coffee, another tea. I absolutely love them, and if I could I would have included many more pictures of them.

Moving on…

Welshpool Town Hall
Welshpool Town Hall

The ‘fresh faced’ (after it’s recent restoration work) Town Hall dominates this part of town.

High Street
Old shop facade
Shop facade

Can anyone guess where this shop facade is? A clue… it is no longer a green grocers! A sign of the times. I love this detailing and colour.

Shop entrance

How this must have taken someone hours of work to lay this! Gorgeous. Now the entrance to the Launderette.

Park Lane House
Methodist Chapel

I like the juxtaposition of the Methodist Chapel and it’s adjoining house. The contrasting colour, texture and pattern.

Welsh Chapel

Sticking with the chapels, the Welsh Chapel. Though not strictly on the High Street, as at this part of the street now becomes Mount Street. I wanted to include this as I love it’s symmetry. Set back from the road, it is hidden from view until you get to it, but then the distance makes you really appreciate it’s design.

Thank you for sticking with me to the end of this post. Apologies for it’s rather long length, but there was so much to fit in. This is the final part of the ‘Welshpool Series’ for now, but I think I’ll do some more, when time allows. Maybe the Passages of Welshpool, Brook Street, Salop Road and Chelsea Lane will follow one day. Any suggestions?