Welshpool Series, Part 2: Church Street and Severn Street

I’m delighted that this ‘Welshpool Series’ has been received so well, as I really enjoyed doing it and now may do even more! Once you start looking, you can’t help but notice more and more interesting things, and now I can’t seem to stop. It was lovely to receive so many comments, thank you!

To better view the photos, click on the photograph and they will enlarge.

Church Street:

Church Street
Old agricultural depot, Church Street

 The old agricultural depot is one of my favourite buildings on Church Street. Quite magnificent if you stand back to take a look at it. It has some wonderful brick detailing.

Brick detail on old agricultural depot building.

I’m not sure who this represents, possibly Bacchus, the Roman god of wine? Would love to know more if you have any further information on that!

St. Mary’s church

It must have been a quiet day, as this view is normally clogged up with traffic! I have concentrated on the area around the centre of town today, but will do more on the area around St. Mary’s Church another time.

Moving on now to Severn Street:

Severn Street

Detail on Gilbert Davies & Partners solicitors building

I just love this little bird featured outside the Gilbert Davies and Partners solicitors building. Next time you’re passing, have a look what is featured on the other side of the doorway. I wonder what (if anything) they represent and why are they there?

Bottom of Severn Street

Here I like the brick detailing, the stripes leading up to the chimney stacks and the diagonal brick pattern within the chimney stacks.

Old sergeants house

I believe this is known as the ‘old sergeants house’ (please correct me if I’m wrong). It is located just off Severn Street, by the canal, and for most of the year it is shielded by leafy trees. I love it’s neglected, hidden beauty, but would love to see this building sympathetically brought back to life. Could it possibly be saved?…

Next week, the High Street.