Welshpool Series Part 1: Berriew Street

After taking on board a project like this, you develop a real appreciation of the ‘built heritage’ around you. I generally walk everywhere, which makes it easier to notice old buildings and their small details. As I walk I always try and look up at the buildings I pass. I notice all sorts of things now, which before we took on our restoration project I would never have noticed such as, roofing, down pipes, terracotta bricks, pointing, window designs, even door handles.

I thought it would be nice to do a short series of photographs highlighting some of the details I’ve spotted of the (quite wonderful!) built heritage of Welshpool.

View over Welshpool from Christ Church

We have a fantastic view of the town from the churchyard here at Christ Church, that you can’t help but appreciate the many other lovely buildings of Welshpool.

This is not a comprehensive representation of historic buildings of Welshpool, just what catches my eye.

I have concentrated on the four main streets, forming the crossroads in the centre of town. Part 1 will be Berriew Street, followed by Severn Street and Church Street and finishing with the High Street.

Part 1: Berriew Street, Welshpool

Corner of Berriew Street

Detailing on top of HSBC Bank building

Pola cinema

Pola cinema
Harrisons Solicitors building

I just love the brickwork in this building above. I always think the bricklayers must have really enjoyed creating this pattern!

I hope you like this idea of a Welshpool Series.

Next week will be Severn Street and Church Street.