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  1. Hollis

    Wonderful shot of church, tree and rainbow! I like the muted colors–feels like autumn for sure.

  2. squirrelbasket

    Wonderful tree, lovely colours!
    I always think those brown fallen oak leaves are so tough. When I am sweeping up from our ash trees I always find one or two oak leaves – I have no idea where they come from, but they always hang on in there, perfectly intact, well after everything else has rotted. Not very good for the compost heap, I guess!
    I particularly like the first picture, with the contrast of the red berries and evergreen leaves next to the golden oak – is that a non-spiky holly?
    Thanks for carrying on with the regular tree following.
    All the best 🙂

  3. beangenie

    Still a lot of leaves on your oak, how lovely, despite all the fallen ones.

    They're hanging on the oaks near me too (further west, on the coast), but today's storms mean that's probably just changed. Definitely the last to lose their leaves, though.

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