Results from our moth night

After pouring over our new Field Guide to Moths book, I think I have successfully identified the moths we saw during our moth hunting. They are so beautiful and varied, as are their names!

Silver Y : Small Phoenix : Sharp-angled Carpet : Mother of Pearl

Over two consecutive nights we saw:
Brimstone Moth : Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing : Dun-bar : Dingy Footman :
Common Rustic : Willow Beauty : Mother of Pearl : Flame Carpet : Orchard Ermine :
Silver Y : Large Yellow Underwing : Small Phoenix : July Highflyer : Double Square-spot :
Common Carpet.

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing : Brimstone Moth : Willow Beauty : Dingy Footman : July Highflyer

Fred and I are so glad we went to the Montgomeryshire Moth Group event at Dolforwyn Woods, which inspired us to see what moths were in the churchyard. Our moth hunting coincided with an annual national moth hunting event, Moth Night and we have submitted our results to their database.
We shall be spending many more evenings moth hunting and we are really looking forward to next year when we shall hopefully see many more moths throughout the season.

Edit: Thank you to Douglas Boyes for his help in identifying these moths! Much appreciated.