Lime Wash… Round 2

We have taken down the scaffold tower that has been in the corner of the gallery (our future bedroom) for the last year. Can now have a good view of a little finished corner of the house. Can also have a good view of my first attempt at lime washing.

Generally I’m really pleased with the lime wash. I’m mixing it up myself using lime putty and water. However it’s looking a little streaky and patchy and in some lights you can see the brush strokes, which I’m pretty certain you’re not meant too. Now that the scaffold is down it will just have to stay that way and hopefully no one will notice! 
I have looked for advice on line to try and figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is it that I’m mixing it up too thin or too thick? It is meant to be the consistency of single cream and I think I’m getting that bit right. So maybe I’m wetting the wall too much before hand or painting it on before all of the water has been absorbed? From what I can glean, I think my problem is impatience! In my rush to get a section done before the school run or cooking dinner, I’m not wetting the wall enough before hand. I need to allow time to soak the wall several times before applying the lime so then I can work it in properly before it dries out too fast. 
At least by starting upstairs, I will hopefully get it right before getting to the downstairs walls where it will be more noticeable.

Round 2 of lime washing is working around the middle window. Boy, those walls are high!

If you look closely, you can see I’ve cleaned the window on the left. With the amount of dirt I cleaned off, it should be pretty dazzling up there now!