Launching ‘Converts’

Owning a church is quite a unique experience, especially when
converting part of it into a home for our family. We have had a huge
variety of issues to consider and ‘challenges’ to overcome pertinent to the fact
that it’s a church, and in the process we have learnt so much. We have
had to draw on our own resources to do what we think is right by the
building. When we first bought Christ Church, we didn’t know of anyone
else that was doing anything like what we envisaged, on this sort of
scale. So in a way we’ve been going it alone.
We are now approaching our 10th year here and
you could say we are ‘veteran’ church restorers! In recent years, since
we have been on-line, we have been contacted by several people
considering embarking on a similar venture, or should that be adventure!
We thought it would be really useful to have a space where fellow
church restorers can come together and share experiences and
information. With that in mind we have set up a Facebook Group for
church or chapel owners, called Converts
We look forward to meeting you there!