Christ Church from the air

An unusual view of Christ Church! Image of the Week #86
There have been some significant birthdays in the family recently, not least our eldest son turning 18 (how did that happen so quickly!) so something a little different to remember the day – a short helicopter ride to have an unusual perspective of the locality. Karl, Owen, Fred and their Nanny flew with Wizzard Helicopters from Welshpool Airport. They absolutely loved it… the flattened patchwork countryside, the apparent closeness of local landmarks to each other, the meandering rivers… (watching them hovering in the air however was not quite as enjoyable!)

Welshpool : Christ Church : Powis Park : ‘The Cross’ : High Street : Mount Street : Raven Street : Brook Street

High Street : Mount Street : Church Road : Christ Church : Maesgwasted Cemetery : Welshpool

Christ Church : Powis Park

Montgomeryshire Canal : Salop Road : Smithfield Road : Boys & Boden : Welshpool by-pass : railway line

Motte and Bailey Castle : Tesco : Smithfield Road : Welshpool by-pass : railway
River Severn, Welshpool