An unsusal door

This week, Karl has been installing the door which will lead from the main ground floor area of the ‘house’ into his workshop, which is in the north west corner (the darkest, dankest part of the building!). The door itself has had a rather unusual history as it’s an old Victorian prison cell door from Dartmoor Prison!

The viewing hole is rather nice feature (so I can check on what he’s up to when he shuts himself away ‘working’ in his workshop!). The reverse of the door is covered in metal so it’s pretty sturdy but also makes it extremely heavy to manoeuvre. We’ll have to find a large door fitting to fill in the gap where the lock was! When Karl hung the door, he suddenly realised a design flaw in the domestic use of this door… there is no provision for a handle on the other side!

We bought several of these doors from eBay several years ago and they have been leaning up against the Hut all this time waiting for this day. Apparently you can still purchase them for £50 from the Dartmoor Prison shop, if you fancy one!