A variety of jobs…

An overview of what we’ve been working on over the last few weeks…

Choosing paint colours for the stairs. We both thought blue, but there are so many…

While thinking colours, we’re planning which colour to do up on the landing. My current thinking is warm and rich, to welcome you as you go to bed, in contrast to the light, chalky colour downstairs. This view is looking up from the ‘living room’. Painting sample colours onto lining paper is great as you can move them around and keep them for future use.

 The landing window is in. Great to see the view that you get as you go up the stairs.

Karl has installed the old grill from the original heating duct, in the doorway to make an interesting feature.

Upstairs, in what was the gallery Karl is constructing the partition wall to form our bedroom. The windows are to help keep the view intact from one end of the church to the other. This space is really starting to feel like a room.

Back to the stairs, which is our main focus at the moment, we are using a pair of old four-poster bed posts as newel posts at the foot of the stairs. The boys had a great afternoon cleaning them in preparation for their installation.

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