A finished staircase

From a drawing by Karl literally on the back of an envelope… followed by more technical CAD drawings… to Craig fabricating it… followed by Natalie’s painting… the staircase has been finished off by carpenter Paul who has made and fitted the oak treads. 

This was not an easy job as the oak planks had to be biscuit jointed to form the wider steps and groves routed for the metal bars to hold the treads in place. All those angles!


We are absolutely thrilled with the finished result, and are very grateful to Craig and Paul for their excellent craftsmanship in creating this. The wood has been oiled to protect it, though right now we are still being rather precious about it (though the landing is housing the bath right now making access to the upstairs rather difficult!). After years in the making, we can hardly believe that this little bit of ‘house’ is complete – hurrah!